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A flow meter is a most important instrument in almost each and every industry. It is very important to choose a right flow meter for the particular application.

Selection Considerations

Important factors when selecting flow metering devices are Accuracy, cost, legal constraints, flow rate range, head loss, operating requirements, maintenance, life time etc.

“INSTRUMTECH” will understand customer’s requirement and will offer the right Product considering above points. “Instrumtech” is registered buyer with almost all OEM’s for this Product.

Types of Flow Meters:

  1. Positive Displacement Flow Meters (also known as PD Flow Meters)

Positive displacement flow meters are unique as they are the only meter to directly measure the actual volume, types are

    1. bi-rotor types (gear, oval gear, helical gear)
    2. nutating disc, reciprocating piston,
    3. oscillating or rotary piston
  1. Mass Flow Meters

The output signal is directly related to the mass passing through the meter, types are

    1. Thermal Mass Flow Meter
    2. Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
  1. Velocity Flow Meters

The output signal is directly related to the velocity passing through the meter

    1. Electromagnetic
    2. Ultrasonic
    3. Turbine, Propeller, and Paddle Wheel
    4. Vortex Shedding
    5. Variable Area and Rotameter
    6. Orifice Plate, Open Channel, Flow Nozzle, Laminar, Venturi, and Pitot Tube

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